By Steven Schwinghamer, Jan Raska

 1928 and 1971, almost a million immigrants arrived by boat in Canada, specifically at Pier 21, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Throughout this period, Pier 21 was one of the main “gateways to Canada”; it was also the disembarkation point for nearly 400,000 Canadian soldiers who returned home after completing military service in Europe during World War II. In the immediate post-war period, Pier 21 became the most active maritime gateway to Canada. Even today, many Canadians maintain special ties with Pier 21, through their family history or the accounts of their parents' arrival at the Pier 21 site.

Since 1998, researchers at the Pier 21 Interpretation Center and the Canadian Museum of Immigration have conducted numerous interviews, examined countless archival documents, compiled accounts written by immigrants and acquired photographs, documents and other emblematic objects of the history of Pier 21. This book is the product of this long and patient work of collecting. It reveals the history of this immense Canadian maritime hangar during its years of operation and, later, as a national historic site, museum and memorial site open to the general public.

Published in French.

277 pages

Quai 21: Une Histoire

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